Mastering Pokemon Go Storage: The Perfect Item Bag Management Strategy

Are you ready to catch them all? If you’re a Pokémon Go player, having the right items in your inventory can make all the difference. From Poké Balls to berries, lures, and more, each item has its own unique purpose. In this article,

The Great Ball Dilemma: Why They Suck in Pokemon Go and You Should Delete Them

Are you tired of seeing Great Balls and having to delete them in Pokemon Go? Do you find yourself constantly having to clear them from your Item Bag and wondering why you even have them in the first place? Well, you’re not alone.

Bounsweet to Tsareena: The Debut of the Fruit Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Have you heard the sweet news? The adorable and fruity Bounsweet has finally made its debut in the game as part of the Sustainability Week 2023 event! Bounsweet, the Fruit Pokemon, is a Grass-type Pokemon with a sweet and tangy scent that attracts

Swinub Community Day: Shiny Mamoswine and 3X Stardust Event on 4/29!

The Swinub Community Day is just tomorrow, and Pokemon Go trainers are gearing up to catch the cute and cuddly Swinub, while also taking advantage of the 3x stardust bonus that comes along with it.  This Community Day event is set to take

Masterwork Research Task Step 3: The Kecleon Challenge

Kecleon Proves to be the ultimate hide-and-seek champion in Step 3 of Masterwork Research Task, causing frustration for many trainers – myself included.  Pokémon trainers around the world have been going on an adventure to complete the latest Masterwork Research task. This task

Pokemon Go: Tangela Spotlight Hour with 2x Catch Stardust on April 25th | Get Your Shiny Tangela

Pokemon Go trainers, get ready to let your vines down for the upcoming Tangela Spotlight Hour in Pokémon Go! On April 25th (Tuesday), from 6 PM to 7 PM, Tangela will be taking center stage and it’ll be a great opportunity to pile

The Complete Guide to Golden Razzberries in Pokemon Go

Golden Razzberries are a rare and valuable item in Pokémon Go. They’re typically obtained by participating in Raid Battles or by completing research tasks. These berries have a unique ability to fully restore a Pokémon’s motivation in a gym and increase the catch

Pokemon Go Stardust: Everything You Need to Know About This Essential Resource

Introducing Pokemon Go Stardust : Whether you’re a casual or die-hard dedicated Pokémon Go player, you should already know the importance of Stardust. It’s the essential resource that powers up your Pokémon, allowing them to become stronger and more effective in battle. But

Grass and Gratitude: Mythical Grass Pokemon Shaymin In Special Research Quest

There’s a brand new special research quest that is surely to excite most Pokemon Go players and it is called Grass and Gratitude. The special research task is available from April 20, 2023, and the best part? It’s absolutely FREE and you can

Discover how to get 5km eggs in Pokémon GO & hatch some of the most useful Pokemon

In Pokémon GO, 5km eggs are one of the most common types of eggs that players can obtain. They are known for being relatively easy to obtain compared to other egg types and only require a 5km distance to be walked in order