Unleash the Bug-Type Beast: Mega Pinsir Takes the Battle to a New Level

Hey there, Trainers! Have you heard? Mega Pinsir has arrived in Pokemon Go mega raids and it’s time to gather enough mega energy to add this impressive Pokemon to your collection. Not only is Pinsir a formidable force in battle, but it’s also

My Love-Hate Relationship with Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go

How’s it going, fellow Pokemon Go player? Can I just say that I’m feeling a bit frustrated since the price increase on Remote Raid Passes a few weeks back. It’s definitely had an impact on my gameplay and I wanted to share with

Wow! 2X Catch Candy Boost in Pokemon Go Event

The Valorous Hero event has been one of the most popular events in Pokemon Go. This event has been well-received by players, and for good reason (and not only because I’m part of the Red Team myself).  There are loads of reasons why

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Let’s be real, Shiny Pokemon are one of the coolest things in Pokemon Go. I mean, who wouldn’t want a rare, uniquely colored Pokemon? These special Pokemon come in different hues, making them stand out from their regular counterparts. And most of all,

Kleavor Raid Day: The Perfect Opportunity to Catch a Powerful New Pokémon

Get ready, trainers, because there’s a new Pokémon in town and it’s ready to chop down the competition! That’s right, Kleavor, the Axe Pokémon, is making its long-awaited debut in Pokémon GO raids! And if you’re extra lucky, you might even encounter a

Mega Scizor Raids: The Perfect Counter for Psychic-Type Opponents

Get ready, because from May 2nd to May 11, Mega Scizor is making a grand entrance in Mega Raids at gyms near you. With its wickedly sharp claws and menacing steel exoskeleton, Mega Scizor is not to be trifled with. This bad boy

What Makes the Spark-Themed Elekid So Special in Pokemon Go?

If you’re a Pokemon Go player then you must be wondering what this Spark-themed research quest is all about and you’re in for a surprise! When you complete Step 3 of the “An Instinctive Hero” Research, you’ll get the chance to encounter an

Pokemon Go’s Latest Event: Larvesta Debut and ‘An Instinctive Hero’ Research Quest!

Calling all Pokemon Go Trainers! Are you ready for a brand new adventure? Because boy, do we have a treat for you! The Spark (Yellow Team) themed quest, “An Instinctive Hero”, has just been released in Pokemon Go as part of the exciting

Mastering Pokemon Go Storage: The Perfect Item Bag Management Strategy

Are you ready to catch them all? If you’re a Pokémon Go player, having the right items in your inventory can make all the difference. From Poké Balls to berries, lures, and more, each item has its own unique purpose. In this article,

The Great Ball Dilemma: Why They Suck in Pokemon Go and You Should Delete Them

Are you tired of seeing Great Balls and having to delete them in Pokemon Go? Do you find yourself constantly having to clear them from your Item Bag and wondering why you even have them in the first place? Well, you’re not alone.