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Candela in Great, Ultra, and Master League: Challenges and Strategies

Candela in Great, Ultra, and Master League: Challenges and Strategies

In Pokemon Go, Candela is one of the three team leaders representing Team Valor. While Candela is a skilled and experienced trainer, some players may find her to be the easiest of the three team leaders to defeat in battles. Here are some reasons why that is, and why that’s relevant to you.

Candela of Team Valor

Why Would I Battle Candela?

To Earn Rewards

Battling Candela, like any other team leader, can earn you rewards such as Stardust, Rare Candy, and TM’s. These rewards can help you level up your Pokemon and improve their movesets. You can earn rewards up to 3 times a day battling Candela.

To Earn Hearts with Your Buddy Pokemon

This is the main reason why I battle Candela. There are many benefits to reaching best buddy levels with your Pokemon including increased CP. This is perfect for those who have maxed out powering up their Pokemon and want a further boost. Battling Candela three times in a row with our guide to simplify the process is a great way of earning those three extra hearts.

However, before you begin the battle, be sure to have fed your buddy Pokemon with berries so that they could join your adventure. Include them in the battle just for the initial moments before switching out.

To Practice and Improve Your Skills

Battling Candela can help you practice and improve your battle skills. Her team may not be as difficult to beat as other team leaders, but it can still provide a good challenge and give you a chance to practice new strategies.

This can help you practice your timing and decision-making skills. Knowing when to use charge moves, when to switch Pokemon, and when to use shields can make a big difference in battles. By practicing against Candela, you can improve your timing and decision-making skills, which can give you an edge in future battles.

To Complete Research Tasks

Some research tasks in Pokemon Go require you to battle team leaders like Candela or to use super effect attacks a number of times. By completing these tasks using Candela, you can earn rewards and progress in the game.

To Earn Medals

What’s gaming if it isn’t for the shiny medals of being able to do something not everyone can do. Battling Candela can earn you medals in the game. These medals track your progress and achievements in various aspects of the game, such as battling the team leaders.

Candela’s Team

Candela’s team is primarily composed of Fire-type Pokemon, which are weak to Water, Ground, and Rock-type moves. This makes it easier for players to choose Pokemon with these types of moves and quickly take down her team. You should have no shortage of great water, ground, and rock types that you’d typically use for gyms.

Candela’s Great League Team (1500 CP Limit)

  • Combusken – 1487 CP
  • Magcargo – 1483 CP
  • Flareon – 1471 CP

Candela’s Great League team will not use any shields, making it very easy to take down her fire type Pokemon. Just about any water, ground, or rock types up to 1500 CP will be able to get the job done. Just be sure you have the proper quick or charged attacks equipped.

Recommended Strategy

We recommend using Alolan Marowak right under 1500 CP with Hex and Bone Club. Bone Club charges fast as a charged attack and deals enough damage to take down Candela’s team fast. You should not have to switch Pokemon at all as Marowak should be able to take down all 3 with ease by spamming Bone Club.

Candela’s Ultra League Team (2500 CP Limit)

  • Flareon 2423 CP
  • Typhlosion 2476 CP
  • Magmortar – 2416 CP

Similarly to Candela’s Great League team, her Ultra League team will also not use shields, making almost this another breezy one with just one Pokemon.

Recommended Strategy

Use a Garchomp that has slightly under 2500 CP. Garchomp is one of my favorite ground types to use in almost every league and it’s savvy to keep one handy in different CP ranges. We recommend using Mud Shot and Sand Tomb as they both attack so fast it’s spammy. Sand Tomb also reduces your opponents defense making subsequent attacks faster.

Candela’s Master League Team (No CP Limit)

  • Entei – 4163 CP
  • Salamence – 4495 CP
  • Moltres – 4154 CP

Don’t let the high CP intimidate you as Pokemon in the high 2000’s to low 3000 CP can get the job done fast. Candela in the Master League will use both shields available to her. She will also throw a Salamence into the mix, which water types and ground types are less effective against.

Recommended Strategy

Use a powered up Rhyperior to solo her. Rhyperior serves many purposes in the game and it’s certainly worth your while to power one up with good IVs. Rhyperior is a rock type and is strong against the Salamence in addition to the fire types. I recommend equipping your Rhyperior with Smack Down and Stone Edge.

Unlike the other two leagues, where Candela does not use shields, she will use her shields here. However, you can still take down both Entei and Salamence by using only Smack Down. However, you will still have to use Stone Edge to burn her two shields out. By the time you get to Moltres, you can simply use Stone Edge to end the battle there.

In Conclusion

while Candela may be considered the easiest of the three team leaders to defeat in battles, there are still many reasons why you should battle her in Pokemon Go. Battling Candela can earn you rewards, help you earn hearts with your buddy Pokemon, practice and improve your battle skills, complete research tasks, and earn medals in the game. Additionally, understanding Candela’s team composition and recommended strategies can help you defeat her in battles across all three leagues. So don’t overlook the benefits of battling Candela and start earning those rewards today.

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