Needle-in-a-Haystack: Chasing Kecleon through 100 Poké Stops in Pokemon Go!

I woke up this morning with a wild idea buzzing in my Pokémon GO-obsessed brain. Today was going to be the day! Armed with my trusty Ultra Balls, my spare battery pack and of course – My insatiable desire to find Kecleon. I

Charizard: A Fiery Icon That Transcends Generations Even in Pokémon Go

Since Pokémon Go was first introduced, it has captured the hearts of millions of trainers and fans worldwide, allowing them to embark on a captivating journey to catch and collect various Pokémon from their favorite generations.  Among the numerous unique, cute, or fearsome

My Love-Hate Relationship with Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go

How’s it going, fellow Pokemon Go player? Can I just say that I’m feeling a bit frustrated since the price increase on Remote Raid Passes a few weeks back. It’s definitely had an impact on my gameplay and I wanted to share with

The Great Ball Dilemma: Why They Suck in Pokemon Go and You Should Delete Them

Are you tired of seeing Great Balls and having to delete them in Pokemon Go? Do you find yourself constantly having to clear them from your Item Bag and wondering why you even have them in the first place? Well, you’re not alone.

Less Raiding Activity in General: The Ripple Effect of Remote Raid Pass Price Increases

I live in a densely populated city where there are potentially tens of thousands of Pokemon Go players. I walked around to find Regieleki raids today and noticed that the elite raids filled up much slower than the last time we had an

The Fallout of Niantic’s Remote Raid Pass Price Increase & It’s Effect on Pokemon Go

Niantic has recently raised the prices on remote raid passes. This decision has caused an uproar among the game’s community and has had significant effects on the gameplay experience. The price update has been live for a few days now and it has

Rumors of Price Hikes on Remote Raid Passes: Is Pidgey Pandemonium a Joke?

Niantic has announced a new quest named “Pidgey Pandemonium” which will be available from April 1st, 2023 as an April Fools day prank, which is a crude joke amidst rumors of price hikes on remote raid passes. The event will start on April