May 29, 2024
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Chasing Kecleon: The Challenges of Capturing the Camouflaged Pokemon

Chasing Kecleon: The Challenges of Capturing the Camouflaged Pokemon

Kecleon is a Pokémon that’s known for its ability to blend in with its surroundings, making it incredibly challenging to spot in the game. This ability, coupled with the fact that Kecleon doesn’t appear on the game’s radar, makes it even more difficult to catch. To find a Kecleon, you’ll need to be observant and have a bit of luck on your side.

The only way to find Kecleon is to look for it at Pokéstops. However, this is not an easy task since Kecleon is not visible at Pokéstops either. You’ll need to pay attention to your surroundings and look for any subtle movements or color changes in the photo disc. Kecleon’s camouflage ability means it can blend in with almost anything, so you’ll need to be vigilant to spot it.

When Kecleon hides behind a photo disc, it blends in with the colors and patterns of the disc, making it almost impossible to spot. The disc’s colors and patterns act as a natural camouflage for Kecleon, allowing it to avoid detection by trainers who are not paying attention.

You may have to attempt to spin the disc several times to get the Kecleon to get off of it before you have an opportunity to catch it.

Kecleons are Rare Encounters

Kecleon’s rarity in the game means that it doesn’t spawn very often at Pokéstops. This makes it challenging for trainers to encounter Kecleon, let alone catch it. Trainers may need to visit multiple Pokéstops before they can find a Kecleon. Even then, there’s no guarantee that Kecleon will appear.

Catching Kecleon Using Pokemon Go Plus Device?

Pokemon Go Plus is a wearable device designed to help trainers catch Pokemon without having to use their phones. While the device is useful for catching regular Pokemon, it won’t help you find Kecleon in Pokemon Go as you will need to manually spin photo discs for an opportunity to encounter one.

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