February 23, 2024
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Get Ahead in Pokemon Go with Poffins: A Guide to Obtaining and Using These Valuable Items

Get Ahead in Pokemon Go with Poffins: A Guide to Obtaining and Using These Valuable Items

Poffins are a popular item in Pokemon Go, as they can help trainers boost their Pokemon’s stats and increase their effectiveness in battles. However, acquiring poffin can be a bit of a challenge, as they are not available through all of the game’s standard channels.

Delicious Poffin

Poffins are a type of item in Pokemon Go that can be used to increase a Pokemon’s hearts temporarily. These items were first introduced in the mainline Pokemon games and were later added to Pokemon Go in the game’s 2019 holiday event. Poffins are mainly used to help reach best buddy level faster in order to get the stat boost and the little badge for your favorite Pokemon.

Where to Get Poffins in Pokemon Go

Battle League Rewards

One of the primary ways to get poffins in Pokemon Go is through the Battle League rewards system. When you participate in the Go Battle League, you can earn rewards based on your performance, including poffins. The higher your rank in the Battle League, the better your chances of getting poffins as a reward.

Special Research Tasks

Another way to get poffins in Pokemon Go is through special research tasks. These tasks are often tied to special events or holidays and will require you to complete certain objectives in order to earn rewards. Poffins are sometimes included as a reward for completing these tasks.

Field Research Tasks

You can collect field research tasks by visiting and spinning PokeStops. Occasionally you will get a task that if completed will reward you with a Poffin. Usually it involves having you scan the PokeStop.

Pokemon Go In-Game Store

You can also buy Poffin for about 100 PokeCoin each. However, if you’re a Free-To-Play player, this might not be a viable option. Additionally, among the many things you can purchase from the in-game store, I’d say Poffin probably falls pretty low on the priority list.


Certain raids in Pokemon Go may also reward players with poffins. However, these raids are usually tied to special events or limited-time promotions, so they may not be available all the time.

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