June 24, 2024
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Get Ready for the Shellder Spotlight Hour on April 11th (2x Transfer Candy!)

Get Ready for the Shellder Spotlight Hour on April 11th (2x Transfer Candy!)

Get ready for the Shellder Spotlight Hour on April 11th, 2023! This hour-long event will give you a chance to catch the popular water-type Pokemon, Shellder, and possibly even its shiny variant. 

The spotlight hour will take place from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM local time as always, but make sure you mark your calendars and get ready to hunt for Shellder.

For those who are new to Pokemon Go, a Spotlight Hour is a weekly event that features a specific Pokemon for one hour. During this hour, the featured Pokemon will spawn more frequently, making it easier for players to catch them. The event also includes additional bonuses and for this week, it will be double candy from transferring Pokemon.

Get a Shiny Shellder

During the Shellder Spotlight Hour, players will have a chance to encounter this Pokemon more frequently than usual. And for those who are lucky, you may even encounter a shiny Shellder, which has a unique coloration and is highly sought after by collectors.

To maximize your chances of catching a shiny Shellder during the event, make sure you use Incense. Incense will attract more Pokemon to your location, even if you’re not near any Pokestops or Gyms. And during the Shellder Spotlight Hour, using Incense will be especially effective since you’ll have an increased chance of encountering Shellder in the wild.

Double Transfer Candy

In addition to the increased spawn rates, the Shellder Spotlight Hour will also feature a special bonus. During the event, transfers will give you 2x candy, which means you can stock up on candy quickly. This is a great opportunity to transfer any extra Shellder you have and earn candy that you can use to power up or evolve your Pokemon.

To prepare for the Shellder Spotlight Hour, make sure you have plenty of Pokeballs and use Incense. You’ll also want to have space in your Pokemon storage to catch as many Shellder as possible. And if you’re hoping to catch a shiny Shellder, be sure to use Incense and stay alert for the sparkles that indicate a shiny Pokemon.

The Shellder Spotlight Hour on April 11th, 2023, is an excellent opportunity to catch this popular water-type Pokemon and possibly even its shiny variant. Don’t forget to use Incense and take advantage of the 2x candy from transfers. Get ready for an exciting hour of catching Shellder!

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