May 29, 2024

How to Get a Rayquaza in Pokemon Go: Tips for Raiding Success

How to Get a Rayquaza in Pokemon Go: Tips for Raiding Success

Rayquaza, the legendary dragon and flying-type Pokémon, has become a popular target for Pokémon Go players seeking to add it to their collection. With its imposing stature and high combat power. So how would one go about getting a Rayquaza in Pokemon Go? In order to obtain a Rayquaza in Pokemon Go, you will have to raid for it (5-star raid).

To participate in a Rayquaza raid, players must first obtain a raid pass, which can be acquired by spinning a gym’s photo disc. Once a raid pass is obtained, players can use it to enter a Rayquaza raid when it becomes available. Rayquaza raids are available in the game for a limited time, typically lasting for around two weeks, before being replaced by a different legendary Pokémon.

Once players enter the raid, they are placed in a lobby with up to 20 other players. To defeat Rayquaza, players must work together to chip away at its health bar. Rayquaza is an extremely powerful raid boss, so players need to be well-prepared for the battle. A team of six Pokémon with high combat power and strong attacks is recommended to take on this legendary foe.

During the battle, Rayquaza will use a variety of attacks, including Dragon Breath and Aerial Ace. These attacks can deal significant damage to unprepared Pokémon, so it’s important for players to dodge them by swiping left or right on their screen. Players must also work together to defeat Rayquaza before the timer runs out, as failure to do so results in defeat.

Once Rayquaza is defeated, players are rewarded with a chance to catch it. Players are given a limited number of premier balls, which are used to catch the legendary Pokémon. The number of premier balls received is determined by the player’s performance in the raid battle, with bonuses awarded for damage dealt and gym control. It’s important for players to use berries to increase the chances of catching Rayquaza, as the catch rate for this legendary Pokémon is notoriously low.

How to Improve my Chances of Catching Rayquaza Post-Raid?

Catching a legendary Pokémon like Rayquaza in Pokémon Go can be a difficult and frustrating experience, as their catch rates are notoriously low. However, there are several tips and strategies that players can use to increase their chances of catching this powerful dragon and flying-type Pokémon.

  1. Use Golden Razz Berries: Golden Razz Berries are the most effective type of berry for increasing the chances of catching Rayquaza. These berries not only increase the catch rate of the Pokémon, but also fully restore its motivation in a gym if it’s been placed there.
  2. Wait for Rayquaza to attack: When Rayquaza attacks during the catch phase, it will briefly pause and stay still, making it easier to hit with a Poké Ball. Wait for this moment to throw your ball, and aim for the center of the circle to increase your chances of a successful catch.
  3. Use Curveballs: Curveballs can be more difficult to master, but they are also more effective at catching Pokémon. Practice your curveball throws and aim for the center of the circle to increase your chances of catching Rayquaza.
  4. Raid with Friends: Participating in a Rayquaza raid with a larger group of players increases the number of premier balls awarded at the end of the raid. This means more opportunities to catch Rayquaza and add it to your collection.
  5. Use the right ball: Ultra Balls and Premier Balls have a higher catch rate than regular Poké Balls, so use these types of balls if you have them.
  6. Consider your timing: The longer you wait to throw your ball, the more likely Rayquaza is to break free. However, if you throw your ball too soon, you may miss your chance to hit the Pokémon. Find the right balance and timing that works best for you.

How Many Players Does it Take to Raid for Rayquaza?

To defeat Rayquaza, it’s recommended that players gather a group of at least 5-7 players, all with strong Pokémon and high combat power.

While it’s technically possible to defeat Rayquaza with fewer players, it can be extremely challenging and is not recommended for players who are new to the game or don’t have a strong lineup of Pokémon. With more players, the battle becomes easier as there are more Pokémon to chip away at Rayquaza’s health bar and absorb its powerful attacks.

Additionally, having a larger group of players can be helpful when it comes to catching Rayquaza after the battle. Each player is given a limited number of premier balls to catch the legendary Pokémon, and having more players in the raid increases the number of premier balls awarded. This makes it more likely that each player will have a chance to catch Rayquaza and add it to their collection.

Rayquaza raids are a challenging but rewarding experience for Pokémon Go players. With teamwork, strong Pokémon, and a bit of luck, players can add this legendary dragon and flying-type Pokémon to their collection. So why not gather your friends and head to your local gym to take on this powerful foe? The rewards are definitely worth it.

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