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How to Increase Your Friendship Level and Unlock Amazing Rewards in Pokemon Go

How to Increase Your Friendship Level and Unlock Amazing Rewards in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is not just about catching and battling Pokemon, but also about building friendships with other players. These friendships not only add to the social aspect of the game but also come with a range of benefits, including increased XP, better raid and gym performance, and reduced trading costs. In this article, we will explore some tips and tricks on how to increase friendship in Pokemon Go.

Add More Friends

The first step to increasing friendship in Pokemon Go is to add more friends. Each player has a unique Trainer Code that can be shared with others. By sharing Trainer Codes with other players, you can add them as friends and start increasing your friendship level. Start by exchanging your code with friends who you know. Then you can expand that friends list with other like-minded and friendly players online.

Exchange Gifts

Gifts are a great way to interact with your friends in Pokemon Go. They can be obtained by spinning PokeStops and Gyms, and can contain items such as Pokeballs, berries, and potions. When you send a gift to a friend, they can open it to receive various rewards, including XP, Stardust, and even rare items such as evolution items.

Opening gifts from your friends is a great way to earn XP and other rewards. Each gift can contain a range of items, including Pokeballs, berries, and potions. Additionally, opening a gift can also increase your friendship level with the friend who sent it to you.

For more about exchanging gifts and how it can help you level up faster, click here.

Participate in Raids and Battles

Participating in raids and battles with your friends is another way to increase your friendship level. Not only does it offer a fun and social aspect of the game, but it also comes with additional XP rewards. You can also increase your friendship level by trading Pokemon with your friends.

When you invite a friend to a Raid in Pokemon Go, both you and your friend will receive bonus rewards at the end of the battle. The more friends you invite, the greater the rewards will be. You can invite up to 5 friends for each raid.

You and your friends do not even have to be in the same place or even country to raid together. Remote raids in Pokemon Go allow friends to join and participate in raids from a distance, without having to physically be at the raid location.

Remember to Interact Every Day

To increase your friendship level, you need to interact with your friends every day. Your friendship level can increase daily through your daily interactions. Sending gifts, participating in raids and battles, and trading Pokemon are all ways to interact with your friends. Remember, the more you interact, the faster your friendship level will increase, getting you closer and closer to those wonderful bonuses and 100,000 XP!

Trade with Friends

Trading with friends in Pokemon Go is a fun and rewarding way to increase your friendship level. Once you reach the Good Friend level, which requires only one day of interaction, you can start trading with your friends. Trading Pokemon not only increases your friendship level but also gives you the chance to obtain rare or regional Pokemon that may be difficult to find in your area.

Additionally, trading can help you complete your Pokedex and give you a chance to receive lucky trades, which have a higher chance of resulting in a Pokemon with high individual values (IVs). So, start trading with your friends and see your friendship level soar!

Even if you do not get a lucky trade, you can still reroll the stats of your Pokemon. When you trade a Pokemon with someone, the Pokemon’s IVs (Individual Values) get re-rolled, which means that they could potentially become stronger than they were before.

Friendship Levels

There are four levels of friendship: Good Friends, Great Friends, Ultra Friends, and Best Friends. Each level offers increasingly better rewards and bonuses.

At the Good Friends level, you’ll earn a 1-day attack bonus when you battle together in raids or gyms. You’ll also receive a 3% discount on trading with each other. You will also receive 3000 XP for reaching Good Friends.

At the Great Friends level, the attack bonus increases to 3 days, and the trading discount increases to 5%. You will also be awarded with 10,000 XP for reaching Great Friends.

When you reach the Ultra Friends level, you’ll get a 7-day attack bonus and a 7% trading discount. You will get 50,000 XP for reaching Ultra Friends.

Finally, at the Best Friends level, you’ll get a 90-day attack bonus and a 9% trading discount. You will receive a whopping 100,000 XP for reaching Best Friends.

As you increase your friendship level with your friends, you can unlock additional benefits such as increased attack power during raids and reduced trading costs. Therefore, it’s important to strategize your friendship level increases by prioritizing the friends who will offer the most significant benefits.

Increasing your friendship level in Pokemon Go is an important aspect of the game. It not only adds to the social aspect of the game but also comes with additional benefits such as increased XP, better raid and gym performance, and reduced trading costs. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this article, you can start building strong friendships with other players and reap the rewards.

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