February 23, 2024

Is Singapore Really the Best Place to Catch Chansey in Pokémon Go?

Is Singapore Really the Best Place to Catch Chansey in Pokémon Go?

I recall having read on other articles that Singapore was a popular destination to hunt wild Chanseys as Chansey is often highly sought after. One reason why Chansey is so desirable in Pokémon Go is because it has a high defense stat, making it a formidable opponent in battles. Additionally, Chansey can evolve into Blissey, which has even higher defense and HP stats, making it one of the strongest Pokémon in the game.

So is There in Fact a Higher Spawn Rates for Chansey in Singapore?

Despite the widespread belief that there are extra Chansey spawns in Singapore, this is simply not true.

In Pokémon Go, Chansey is a rare spawn that can only be found in certain areas. While there are many factors that can affect the spawn rate of a particular Pokémon, such as weather and time of day, there is no evidence to suggest that Chansey spawns more frequently in Singapore than in any other location.

In fact, the spawn rate of Chansey in Singapore is actually quite low compared to other areas. According to data collected by Pokémon Go players, the spawn rate of Chansey in Singapore is around 0.1% – 0.2%. This means that players in Singapore have a very slim chance of encountering Chansey in the wild.

While it is true that Chansey has been spotted in certain areas of Singapore, such as Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands, these sightings are few and far between. Additionally, there is no evidence to suggest that these locations have a higher Chansey spawn rate than any other area in Singapore.

So why do so many people believe that there are extra Chansey spawns in Singapore? One possible explanation is that this belief is simply a result of confirmation bias. When a player encounters a rare Pokémon in a certain location, they may assume that this location has a higher spawn rate for that Pokémon, even if this is not actually the case.

Another possible explanation is that this belief is the result of a rumor or misinformation. Pokémon Go players often share information and tips with each other, and it is possible that someone may have spread false information about extra Chansey spawns in Singapore, which then became widely accepted as fact.

Regardless of the reason for this misconception, the fact remains that there are no extra Chansey spawns in Singapore. While it is certainly possible to encounter Chansey in the wild in Singapore, players should not expect to find this rare Pokémon more frequently in this location than in any other.

The Best Option for Obtaining a Shiny Chansey or Accumalating More Chansey Candy

Currently, the best option outside of the Valentine’s Day events to obtain a shiny Chansey or to obtain more Chansey candy is actually through acquiring Happiny which is the pre-evolution to Chansey & Blissey.

You can obtain Happini through hatching 2 km eggs. Hatching Happiny from 2 km eggs requires players to walk a certain distance while the egg is incubating. This distance can be tracked using the game’s built-in GPS system, and can be reduced by using certain items such as the Super Incubator.

Once the egg has hatched, players will have a chance to obtain a Happiny with a certain level and IV stats. These stats will determine the strength of the Happiny and its potential for evolving into a powerful Chansey or Blissey.

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