June 24, 2024
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Leg’s Go Step 5 of 6 Unveiled: Master Ball Makes its Debut in Pokemon Go

Leg’s Go Step 5 of 6 Unveiled: Master Ball Makes its Debut in Pokemon Go

The next part of the Let’s Go research task is now available in Pokemon Go! The Step 5 of 6 research task will also feature the introduction of the Master Ball which is an exciting and long awaited addition to the game.

Let’s dive into the details of Step 5/6, where trainers will encounter a series of engaging tasks that will put their skills to the test. Completing each objective will bring you closer to the coveted Master Ball and a range of other rewards including a Galarian Farfetch’d encounter that will surely enhance your Pokemon Go experience.

Let’s Go: Step 5/6 

  • Catch 25 Pokémon – 2500 Stardust
  • Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket grunts 3x Hyper Potions
  • Make 5 Excellent Throws – Galarian Farfetch’d encounter
  • Evolve 5 Pokemon – 2500 Stardust
  • Battle in a gym 3 times – 5x Revives


  • 1x Master Ball
  • 1000 Stardust
  • 1000 XP

The Debut of the Master Ball

The Master Ball, renowned for its unparalleled capture rate in the mainline Pokemon games, has been unveiled in Pokemon GO, capturing the hearts and imaginations of trainers everywhere. This legendary item possesses an astonishing 100% capture rate, making it the ultimate tool for capturing elusive and powerful Pokemon that have proven challenging to catch with regular Poke Balls or even Ultra Balls. So don’t miss your chance to get this ultra rare ball!

Galarian Farfetch’d

In the vast world of Pokemon Go, each region brings its unique charm, captivating trainers with region-exclusive Pokemon. Among these rarities, Galarian Farfetch’d stands out as a unique Pokemon amongst the rest, captivating trainers with its distinctive appearance and intriguing backstory. Galarian Farfetch’d (or any Farfetch’d)  is also necessary to complete your Pokedex, but is normally a regional exclusive to Japan – So take this opportunity to add Farfetch’d to your collection. 

This part of the Let’s Go research task in Pokemon Go has brought a fun and long awaited update to the game. Step 5 of 6 introduces the highly anticipated Master Ball, a legendary item with a 100% capture rate that will revolutionize how trainers catch elusive and powerful Pokemon. This game-changing addition provides trainers with a new powerful item to look forward to.

Additionally, the inclusion of the region-exclusive Galarian Farfetch’d adds another layer of excitement to the gameplay experience for those who do not already have one. As trainers strive to complete their Pokedex, the opportunity to encounter and capture this unique Pokemon from the Galar region is a rare treat. Breaking free from its regional boundaries, Galarian Farfetch’d becomes accessible to trainers worldwide during this special research task.

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