February 23, 2024
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Less Raiding Activity in General: The Ripple Effect of Remote Raid Pass Price Increases

Less Raiding Activity in General: The Ripple Effect of Remote Raid Pass Price Increases

I live in a densely populated city where there are potentially tens of thousands of Pokemon Go players. I walked around to find Regieleki raids today and noticed that the elite raids filled up much slower than the last time we had an elite raid. I suspect that the diminished amount of players participating in the elite raids is due to the uproar and boycotting of pokemon go by some players due to the remote raid pass price increases.

I’m currently living in a densely populated city with a high concentration of Pokemon Go players, it’s not unusual for elite raids to fill up quickly with 20 players in an instant, eager to catch the rare and powerful Pokemon offered in elite raids. However, on my recent quest to find Regieleki elite raids, I noticed that the elite raids were filling up much slower than usual, which is indicating a shift in the Pokemon Go community’s behavior.

Less Raiding Activity in General

I suspect the reason for this shift is the recent uproar and boycotting of the game by some players in response to the price increase on remote raid passes. As a result, these players may have decreased their participation in the game, which, in turn, has led to a decrease in raiding activity, even so in the elite raids which players can’t even use remote raid passes to access.

Elite raids are some of the most challenging and rewarding in the game due to its exclusivity, and players often team up to take them down, making it easier to catch the rare Pokemon they offer. The fact that elite raids are filling up slower could indicate that there are fewer players actively participating in the game or that some players are choosing to skip these raids as a form of protest.

The impact of the remote raid pass price increase on raids is particularly significant since these raids are often where players can find some of the most powerful and rare Pokemon, which is fundamentally one of the most important parts of the gameplay experience.

The decrease in participation in elite raids may also have a negative impact on the social aspect of the game. As mentioned earlier, Pokemon Go has always been a social game, and players often come together to take on challenging raids and complete other activities. The decrease in elite raid and normal raid participation could lead to a turn other players away that find that there’s been decreasing activity in the game.

Pokemon Go Players Angered and Frustrated

As players express their frustration and disappointment with the recent price increase for remote raid passes in Pokémon Go, many hope that Niantic will take their feedback into account and find a way to make the passes more affordable and accessible. While some players may be able to afford the new price point of 195 PokeCoins per remote raid pass, many others may find it too steep to continue participating in raids as frequently as they would like.

The hope is that Niantic can find a middle ground that satisfies the majority of players. One solution could be to offer more frequent sales or discounts on remote raid passes to make them more affordable for players. Another possibility could be to introduce new ways for players to earn PokeCoins in-game, such as through daily quests or achievements, to help offset the cost of remote raid passes.

Ultimately, the goal is to strike a balance between making remote raid passes accessible to all players while also ensuring that Niantic can continue to support and develop the game. It is clear that the recent price increase has had a significant impact on the game’s community and gameplay experience, and finding a solution that addresses these concerns will be important for the continued success of Pokémon Go.

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