February 23, 2024
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Master Pokemon Go With These 46 Essential tips

Master Pokemon Go With These 46 Essential tips

If you’re new to the game, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out all the tips and tricks to enhance your gameplay. In this article, we’ll provide you with 46 essential tips to get you started and to help you navigate the game more effectively, catch more Pokemon, and level up faster. From saving Stardust to using lucky eggs, trading with friends, and participating in community events, these Pokemon Go tips are sure to take your Pokemon Go game to the next level.

So prepare yourself for the 46 essential tips for both beginners and masters alike.

  1. Always have enough Pokeballs with you. We recommend having 200 even on non-event days.
  2. Join a team as soon as possible to take advantage of gym battles as the gym system has plenty of rewards to enhance your gameplay.
  3. Save your Stardust for powering up your best Pokemon. Stardust is one of if not the most valuable resource in the game.
  4. Make use of the “appraise” feature to check the IVs of your Pokemon as different IVs will serve different purposes in the game.
  5. Use the “Nearby” feature in your Pokemon Go Map to find rare Pokemon or Pokemon not registered to your Pokedex in your area.
  6. Use Lure Modules to attract Pokemon to a Pokestop especially if you are planning to stay put near a Pokestop for the next half hour or longer.
  7. Catch every Pokemon you see, even if you already have it. This provides you with opportunities to encounter shiny Pokemon, gain XP, and obtain additional candy.
  8. Don’t ignore weaker Pokemon, they can be evolved and become stronger.
  9. Hatch eggs by walking or biking to earn rare Pokemon, XP, and candy.
  10. Keep an eye out for special events with increased spawn rates or bonuses as sometimes these events can be hard to come by. Pair this with lucky eggs and incense amongst other items to really take advantage of the bonuses.
  11. Use Incense to attract Pokemon while on the move. This helps to increase your chance of encountering rare Pokemon or even shiny Pokemon.
  12. Try to visit new Pokestops every day to get a “First Pokestop of the Day” bonus. Also, try to keep your streak going!
  13. Take advantage of “Raid Passes” to battle powerful Pokemon at gyms. You will get a free raid pass every day by simply visiting a gym, be sure to claim it as well as use it daily.
  14. Take over gyms with your friends to earn more rewards. Get more items from the gym as well as get PokeCoin for the longer you defend the gym.
  15. Don’t use your Stardust on every Pokemon you catch, save it for the best ones.
  16. Use Pinap Berries to double the amount of candy you receive from catching Pokemon.
  17. Collect medals for catching certain types of Pokemon to earn bonuses. Check out your medal progress in your game profile.
  18. Keep an eye on the weather in-game, as certain types of Pokemon appear more frequently during certain weather conditions as well as weather boosts for raids and battles.
  19. Always keep an eye out for “shiny” Pokemon. Do not ignore Pokemon spawns as there’s an opportunity to find a shiny version!
  20. Use lucky eggs to double your XP gains for 30 minutes during events, when you have a lot of Pokemon to evolve at once, or if you plan on doing many raids.
  21. Trade Pokemon with other players to get ones you don’t have, or to reroll IVs and get lucky Pokemon.
  22. Trade Pokemon with friends to fill your Pokedex and earn extra candies. 
  23. Keep your Pokemon Go app updated for the latest features and bug fixes.
  24. Always spin Pokestops as you can collect cool gift postcards and stickers.
  25. Keep your phone charged while playing Pokemon Go to avoid running out of battery, use battery saver mode, or carry a portable if needed.
  26. Use Nanab Berries to calm down wild Pokemon that are difficult to catch.
  27. Use the Buddy system to earn extra candy for walking certain Pokemon. You will also get stat bonuses for improving your buddy level with a Pokemon.
  28. Participate in community events to meet other players and earn exclusive rewards.
  29. Use excess berries (rather than throwing them out) at friendly gyms to heal your Pokemon and collect stardust.
  30. Use the “Dodge” feature during gym battles to avoid taking damage. This can also be used during raids as raid bosses often have charged attacks that can quickly wipe you out.
  31. Make use of “Type Advantage” when selecting Pokemon for gym battles to help you take over gyms faster. This will also help you preserve more of your potions and revives.
  32. Use TMs to change a Pokemon’s moveset to get its best moves for your needs.
  33. Keep an eye out for 5-star raids to battle and catch powerful legendary Pokemon.
  34. Use the “Power Up” feature sparingly to avoid wasting resources.
  35. Make use of “Razz Berries” to make catching Pokemon easier especially on high CP or rare Pokemon.
  36. Use the “Quick Catch” trick to save time when catching Pokemon.
  37. Use the “PvP” feature or Go Battle League to battle other players and earn rewards and resources.
  38. Use the “Friends” feature to send and receive gifts with other players. Be sure to open and send gifts daily to quickly reach best friends with them to get more bonuses and XP.
  39. Use the “Camera” feature to take AR photos of your buddy to encounter photobomb Pokemon
  40. Always have an egg in an incubator so that you can hatch eggs. Even walking around your home will log steps for you!
  41. Save up rare candies to evolve or power up legendary Pokémon. As you will soon learn, legendary Pokemon are hard to come by and getting candy to power them up is even more challenging.
  42. Turn on Adventure Sync to track your steps and hatch eggs while your phone is locked.
  43. Learn the difference between “weather boosted” and “non-weather boosted” Pokemon, and focus on catching the former for higher CP and better IVs.
  44. Transfer duplicate Pokemon to Professor Willow for candy. Although I know sometimes it’s hard to let go of Pokemon, there’s certainly no need for you to have many of the same. You can choose to keep the best ones.
  45. Participate in Team Rocket battles to earn rare Shadow Pokemon and other rewards.
  46. Complete all your research tasks as they provide great rewards and rare Pokemon counters.

Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned player, these 46 essential tips for playing Pokémon Go will help you enhance your gameplay and catch more Pokémon. From making the most of items like Lucky Eggs and Stardust, to participating in community events and raids with friends, there are many ways to level up and become a master of the game. By keeping an eye out for special events and bonuses, taking advantage of weather boosts, and using tricks like the Quick Catch method, you’ll be sure to catch ’em all and have a great time doing it.

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