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Mastering the Art of Excellent Throws in Pokemon Go: Tips & Tricks

Mastering the Art of Excellent Throws in Pokemon Go: Tips & Tricks

As a Pokemon Go player, you’re probably aware of the importance of making successful throws when catching Pokemon. But have you ever tried to aim for an “Excellent throw”? Not only does this type of throw provide a satisfying sense of accomplishment, but it also has numerous benefits that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience as well help you progress in the game faster.

Making an Excellent throw in Pokemon Go can be an incredibly satisfying and rewarding experience. There’s something about hitting the perfect spot on a moving target that provides a sense of accomplishment that few other things in the game can match.

Excellent Throw Bonuses

XP Bonus

First and foremost, making an “Excellent” throw greatly increases your chances of catching the Pokemon. When you make an Excellent throw and catch the Pokemon, you get 1000 XP. The great throw is only 100 XP in comparison.

Increases Catch Rate

An Excellent throw increases the catch rate of the Pokemon, making it more likely to stay in the Pokeball. In fact, an Excellent throw can increase your catch rate by up to 3.7 times, depending on the level of the Pokemon you’re trying to catch. This means that if you’re struggling to catch a particular Pokemon, aiming for an Excellent throw could be the key to finally adding it to your collection.

But aside from the practical benefits, making Excellent throws can also be a fun and rewarding challenge. It requires precision and timing, and mastering it can give you a sense of accomplishment that other types of throws may not provide. Plus, if you’re playing with friends, trying to see who can make the most Excellent throws can add an extra layer of competition and excitement to your gameplay.

So how do you make an Excellent throw?

The more you practice, the better you’ll become. Start by mastering the basic mechanics of throwing, such as timing, aim, and the trajectory of the ball. With practice, you’ll develop muscle memory, which will help you to make more consistent throws. Also remember to be patient with yourself as you practice. Don’t get frustrated if you miss a few throws or don’t get the desired result immediately. It takes time to develop the skills needed to make excellent throws consistently.

It takes some practice and patience, but here are some tips to get you started:

Wait for the circle to shrink

Wait until the circle is small before releasing the ball

When you’re in the catch screen, wait for the colored circle around the Pokemon to shrink as much as possible before you throw the ball. The smaller the circle, the higher your chances of making an Excellent throw. 

Aim for the center of the circle

When the circle is at its smallest, aim for the center of it. This can be challenging, especially for smaller Pokemon that move around a lot, but with practice, you’ll get better at it. Learning to make curveball throws will make it easier to aim for the middle. See below for more on curveball throws.

Throw Curveballs

Spin the Pokeball to make a Curveball Throw

If you’re having trouble hitting the center of the circle, try using a curveball. This involves spinning the ball around the screen before throwing it, which can help you adjust your aim and hit the target more accurately. 

When executed correctly, the spinning motion of the ball causes it to curve towards the center of the screen, making it harder for the Pokémon to dodge and increasing the accuracy of the throw. This will greatly increase your chances of making excellent throws.

Know the Pokemon’s Movements

You will need to wait for the Pokémon to stop moving before throwing your Pokéball. Throwing a Pokéball while the Pokémon is still moving increases the likelihood that the Pokémon will dodge or attack, causing you to miss. 

You should pay attention to the Pokémon’s attack animations. Different Pokémon have different attack patterns, and learning their patterns can help you time your throws more accurately. For example, some Pokémon may have a longer animation time for their attacks, which gives you more time to throw your Pokéball.

Some flying Pokemon will rise and descend making it more difficult to land any throw let alone an excellent throw.

Using a Nanab berry will reduce the Pokemon’s movements, making it easier to make the excellent throw.

The Pokemon’s Size (Hitbox)

You should also consider the size of the Pokémon’s hitbox, which is the area that you need to hit in order to make a successful throw. Some Pokémon have a larger hitbox than others, so adjusting your throwing technique accordingly can help you land more excellent throws.

For the most part, larger Pokemon will have larger hitboxes. Some of these Pokemon will include Raid Bosses. Having a larger hitbox will make it a lot easier to hit those excellent throws.

Pokemon Distance

Although it may not seem apparent at first, but Pokemon spawns will have varying distances from your perspective. Some will be standing closer, making it harder to make those curveball throws into the hit box. Some are further, but depending on the size will determine the difficulty of making the excellent curveball throws.

Can Every Throw be an Excellent Throw?

No, it’s very unlikely every throw in Pokemon Go can be an excellent throw. The size of the target circle when you release the Pokeball is random, and it can vary in size depending on the difficulty of the Pokemon you are trying to catch. There are just too many variables. Therefore, it is not always possible to make an excellent throw, even with a lot of practice and skill. However, you can still aim to make consistent excellent  throws, which also give you a better chance of catching the Pokemon.

Sure, some videos on YouTube may display players making excellent throws on every throw. Just know that these videos were made under controlled circumstances and were cherry picked to seem like you can make 100% excellent throws. They typically use large Raid Bosses as examples, making it easier for them to land the excellent throws.

There is no guaranteed way or formula to make an excellent throw in Pokemon Go, as it wouldn’t fit into all the variables there are for each Pokemon.

Muscle Memory

By developing muscle memory for making throws in Pokemon Go, players can improve their accuracy and consistency, making it more likely that they will be able to capture rare or elusive Pokemon. Additionally, muscle memory can help players to react more quickly to unexpected events, such as when a Pokemon suddenly moves or jumps, allowing them to adjust their throw in real-time and still make an excellent throw.

Making Excellent throws in Pokemon Go is not only a fun and rewarding challenge, but it also has numerous benefits that can enhance your gameplay experience. From the XP bonus to the increased catch rate, aiming for an Excellent throw can greatly improve your chances of catching those elusive Pokemon. While it may take some practice and patience to master, following the tips of waiting for the circle to shrink, aiming for the center of the circle, using curveballs, knowing the Pokemon’s movements, and considering the Pokemon’s size and distance can greatly increase your chances of making an Excellent throw. While not every throw can be Excellent, consistently aiming for Excellent throws can improve your overall gameplay and satisfaction. So, go out there and try to hit those Excellent throws!

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