July 13, 2024
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Masterwork Research Task Step 3: The Kecleon Challenge

Masterwork Research Task Step 3: The Kecleon Challenge

Kecleon Proves to be the ultimate hide-and-seek champion in Step 3 of Masterwork Research Task, causing frustration for many trainers – myself included. 

Pokémon trainers around the world have been going on an adventure to complete the latest Masterwork Research task. This task has been full of surprises and challenges, but one step, in particular, has been causing a stir among trainers – Step 3. In this third part of 6 tasks, trainers are required to spin Photo Discs at Pokéstops until they find and catch Kecleon a whopping 10 times! 

The difficulty lies in actually finding Kecleon in these PokeStop Photo Discs. Their spawn rate is extremely low. In addition to that, some have reported that due to glitches, Kecleon would show on the photo disc only to not spawn on the map afterwards. 

Imagine the frustration of seeing Kecleon on the Photo Disc, feeling relieved that you finally found it, only to have it disappear right before your eyes. Some trainers have reported experiencing this glitch multiple times, making the task of catching 10 Kecleon seem even more daunting.

Kecleon’s Low Spawn Rates

Trainers have reported spending hours spinning Photo Discs in search of Kecleon, only to come up empty-handed time and time again. The frustration is real and there is no real way of increasing your chances of finding a Kecleon aside from spinning more PokeStops and being patient. Despite the challenges, trainers have remained determined to catch all 10 Kecleon for the Masterwork Research task.

Improve Your Odds of Finding Kecleon

One of the best only to improve your odds is to visit areas with a high density of PokeStops. This strategy works because the more PokeStops you visit, the more Photo Discs you can spin, which in turn increases your chances of encountering Kecleon. Look for areas with clusters of PokeStops, such as parks, shopping centers, or busy city streets.

Another way to improve your odds of finding Kecleon is to play during events or promotions that increase the chances of encountering certain Pokemon. For example, during some events, the chances of finding Kecleon were significantly increased, making it much easier to catch all 10 required for the Masterwork Research task.

Unfortunately, using incense will not help you here.

Stay Vigilant and Be Patient

The task of catching 10 Kecleon in Step 3 of the Masterwork Research task has proven to be a real challenge for Pokemon trainers worldwide. The low spawn rate of Kecleon and the glitches that some trainers have experienced have made the task even more difficult and frustrating. 

It’s important to remember that catching 10 Kecleon is not impossible, but it does require patience and perseverance. Don’t give up, keep spinning those Photo Discs, and eventually, you’ll catch them all. And who knows, maybe one day Kecleon will no longer be the ultimate hide-and-seek champion.

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