July 13, 2024
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Mega Medicham Takes Over Pokemon Go: Everything You Need to Know

Mega Medicham Takes Over Pokemon Go: Everything You Need to Know

Get ready for a fighting-type frenzy because Mega Medicham has made its debut in Pokemon Go alongside the Festival of Colors! This powerful Pokemon has finally made its way into the game, and trainers are pumped to add this fierce fighter to their lineups.

Mega Medicham is a mega-evolved version of Medicham, a dual-type fighting/psychic Pokemon from the third generation. With its powerful punches and kicks, this Pokemon packs a serious punch. But when it mega evolves, it gains even more strength and gains the Pure Power ability, which doubles its attack stat. In other words, Mega Medicham is a force to be reckoned with.

To mega evolve your Medicham, you’ll need to have enough Medicham Candy and Mega Energy for your Medicham. Once you’ve got those, simply tap the Mega Evolution button and watch as your Medicham transforms into the ultimate fighter.

Make sure to participate in Mega Medicham raids to earn Medicham Mega Energy. Every time you defeat a Mega Medicham in a Mega Raid, you’ll earn some Mega Energy that you can use to Mega Evolve your own Medicham. The amount of energy you earn depends on a few factors, including how quickly you defeat the boss and how many Premier Balls you earn at the end of the battle.

Tips for Winning Mega Medicham Raids

Mega Medicham is a Fighting/Psychic type Pokémon, which means it is weak to Flying, Ghost, and Fairy type attacks. So, make sure to bring along Pokémon that have these types of moves in their arsenal. Some good choices could be Togekiss, Chandelure, and Gengar.

Mega Medicham will have about 29,000 CP as a Raid Boss. Be sure to have a team of 4-6 players to ensure you can complete the raid.

Shiny Meditite

But that’s not all. Niantic has also given us the chance to catch a shiny Meditite during this exciting event. This adorable little Pokemon is a fighting/psychic type and is the pre-evolution of Medicham. Catching a shiny Meditite is a rare occurrence, but with a little bit of luck and persistence, trainers can add this cute and unique Pokemon to their collections.

But how can you catch a shiny Meditite? Well, the answer is simple. Just keep catching as many Meditites as you can! Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare, with the odds of encountering one being about 1 in 450. So, the more Meditites you catch, the greater your chances of finding a shiny one. And if you’re really dedicated to catching a shiny Meditite, consider using some incense or lure modules to attract even more Pokemon to your location.

Make sure to use incense to increase your chances of encountering a Shiny Meditite. When you’re using Incense, it’s important to make the most of your time by staying in an area with a high concentration of Pokémon. Ideally, you want to be in a location where there are lots of different types of Pokémon that you can catch. This will not only increase your chances of encountering a Shiny Meditite but also help you to level up your character faster.

In addition to the debut of Mega Medicham and the chance to catch a shiny Meditite, Niantic has also included some special event-themed tasks for trainers to complete with the Festival of Colors. For a guide and more information on that, click here.

So get out there, catch some Meditites, and show off your strongest fighters in Mega Medicham raids. And don’t forget to complete those special event tasks for even more fun. It’s time to unleash the power of Mega Medicham and become the ultimate fighting-type trainer!

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