June 24, 2024

Pokemon Go: Get a Shiny Jirachi in 2023!

The “Wishes Can Come True-Just Ask Jirachi!” event in Pokemon Go will be coming back to Pokemon Go for another round in 2023 as part of the Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn. Tickets will be available for purchase starting on February 20th, 2023 for $4.99.

Wishes Can Come True – Past Events

During the previous “Wishes Can Come True-Just Ask Jirachi!” event, players had the opportunity to encounter Jirachi, a mythical Pokemon known for its ability to grant wishes. The event was divided into two parts: the “Make a Wish” challenge and the “Wishmaker” research.

The “Make a Wish” challenge was a global challenge that required players to complete various tasks such as catching a certain number of Pokemon, hatching eggs, and spinning PokeStops to unlock rewards. Once players completed the tasks, they could encounter Jirachi in raids.

The “Wishmaker” research was a special research quest that allowed players to encounter Jirachi. Players had to purchase a ticket to unlock the questline and complete various tasks to unlock rewards and ultimately encounter Jirachi.

Players could also expect Jirachi-themed avatar items and bonuses during the event, such as avatar poses, shirts, hats, and other items.

What We Know for the Wish Granted Event of 2023

Get ready to embark on a new adventure in Pokemon GO with the Jirachi Masterwork Research! This special research will grant players a Wish Granted Ticket and a chance to catch a shiny Jirachi.

According to recent news, players will have the opportunity to obtain a guaranteed shiny Jirachi through this new research. This is an exciting opportunity for collectors and trainers alike to add this rare shiny Pokemon to their collection, but to make it an even rarer occurrence, Niantic has doubled down on a shiny Jirachi!

The Jirachi Masterwork Research will also include a captivating storyline that promises to take players on an immersive journey through the Pokemon world. As you progress through the research tasks, you’ll uncover more about Jirachi and its place in the lore of the game.

To begin the research, players will need to obtain a Wish Granted Ticket. This can be earned by completing special research tasks and meeting certain requirements. Once you have the ticket, you’ll be able to access the Jirachi Masterwork Research and start your adventure.

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