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Pokemon Go Gyms: A Beginner’s Guide to Battling, Defending, and Raiding

Gyms are essential to your progress in Pokemon Go. To put it simply, gyms in Pokemon Go are special locations where players can battle with other players’ Pokemon to gain control of the gym and earn rewards.

How Do I Participate in Pokemon Go Gym Battles?

Joining a team in Pokemon Go is an important step towards participating in gym battles and gaining control of gyms. Here’s how to join a team in Pokemon Go:

  1. To join a team, you must first reach at least Level 5 in the game. This can be done by catching Pokemon, hatching eggs, and visiting PokeStops.
  2. Once you’ve reached Level 5, visit a gym in the game. You’ll be prompted to select a team – either Team Mystic (Red), Team Valor(Blue), or Team Instinct(Yellow).
  3. Each team has its own leader and philosophy. Choose the team that resonates with you the most. Keep in mind that your team selection is permanent, so choose carefully. However, you can simply join a team where most of your friends have joined as well.

Once you’ve joined a team, you can start battling at gyms and training your Pokemon to gain control of the gym for your team. Remember, cooperation with your team members can make a big difference in your gym battles and overall success in the game.

Also know that once you’ve chosen a team, it’s not to say that you will be stuck there forever, but getting around to changing to a different team has it’s own challenges.

The process and can only be done once every 365 days. Here’s what you need to know about changing teams:

  1. Wait for a year: After joining a team, you’ll need to wait for a year before you can change teams again.
  2. Contact Support: If you’ve waited for a year and want to change teams, you’ll need to contact Niantic support directly through the app or website.
  3. Explain your reason: When you contact support, you’ll need to explain why you want to change teams. This could be because you’ve moved to a new area and want to align with local players, or because you’ve had a change of heart about your original team choice.
  4. Make the Switch: If Niantic approves your request, they will reset your account, and you’ll need to start over from scratch. This means you’ll lose all your progress, including your Pokemon and items.

Gym Prestige

Gym prestige is an important aspect of Pokemon Go gym battles and here’s a simple explanation of how it works:

Each gym has a certain amount of prestige, which is a measure of the gym’s strength. The higher the prestige, the more powerful the gym’s defenders.

Players on the same team as the gym can increase its prestige by training at the gym. To do this, simply battle the defenders at the gym using a single Pokemon. If you defeat all the defenders, you’ll earn experience points (XP) for your Pokemon and increase the gym’s prestige.

Players from other teams can lower the gym’s prestige by battling its defenders. Every time a defender is defeated, the gym’s prestige will decrease. Once the gym’s prestige reaches zero, it becomes unclaimed, and any player can assign a Pokemon to defend it.

Gyms can have up to six defenders, with one defender for each gym level. For example, a level 2 gym can have two defenders, while a level 6 gym can have six defenders. However, most gyms you will encounter will be allowed 6 defenders, and you can assume that is always the case.

Gym prestige also affects the rewards you can earn from a gym. The higher the gym’s prestige, the more PokeCoins and Stardust you can earn.

Overall, gym prestige is a crucial factor in gym battles and controlling gyms. By training at friendly gyms and battling rival gyms, players can increase or decrease a gym’s prestige, respectively, and take control of it for their team.


Battling for a Pokemon Go gym can be a fun and challenging experience.

You will need strong Pokemon to battle for a gym. Spend some time catching and leveling up your Pokemon. You can also use stardust and candy to power up your Pokemon.

Before you start battling, check the gym’s level and the Pokemon defending it. Make sure your Pokemon have type advantages against the defending Pokemon. You can also use the Pokemon Go app to see the gym’s history, which will give you an idea of how many battles you will need to win. Once you defeat one Pokemon, you can move on to the next one.

If you lose a battle, don’t give up. Keep training your Pokemon and trying again. You can also team up with other players to take down the gym together. If a Pokemon is at full health, you will need to battle it 3 times to knock it out of the gym and the defending Pokemon will get weaker in CP as you battle them. Also note that if the defending party is feeding berries (Golden Razzberries) to their Pokemon, it will replenish the health of the defending Pokemon making it a lot more difficult to take over.

Once you have defeated all the defending Pokemon, you can claim the gym for your team. Put one of your Pokemon in the gym to defend it, and earn rewards for holding the gym for as long as possible. The maximum you can earn is 50 PokeCoins which is also your daily limit.

Defending Your Gym

Defending a Pokemon Go gym can be just as challenging as attacking one.

Before you put a Pokemon in a gym, make sure it is strong enough to defend it. The higher the Pokemon’s CP, the better it will be at defending the gym. Also, try to choose Pokemon that have type advantages against common attacking Pokemon in your area.

Make sure to power up your Pokemon with stardust and candy, and use the appraise feature to check their IVs (Individual Values) for better performance. Consider giving your Pokemon a second move to surprise attackers and increase their battle options.

You can team up with other players in your team to help defend the gym. The more defenders, the harder it will be for attackers to take down the gym.

Make sure to check the gym regularly to see if it is under attack. If the gym’s prestige is going down, it means an attacker is battling against it. You can also use remote raid passes to quickly join the gym battle and defend it.

Keep in mind that attackers can use a variety of strategies to take down a gym, such as using a specific Pokemon type, dodging your Pokemon’s attacks, or spamming charged attacks. Be prepared by having a diverse set of defenders with good move sets to counter possible threats.

Make sure to feed berries to your defenders to keep their health up. The more health a defender has, the harder it is for an attacker to defeat it.

Remember, defending a gym in Pokemon Go is a team effort. Work together with other players and stay vigilant to keep the gym in your team’s control.


Raiding in Pokemon Go is important mechanic to the game and a way of obtaining rare Pokemon including many legendary ones.

Raids give players the chance to catch rare and powerful Pokemon that are not normally available in the wild. This includes legendary and mythical Pokemon that can only be obtained through raids.

Raids also provide players with rewards, including rare candies, TMs, and stardust. These rewards can be used to power up and evolve your Pokemon, making them stronger for future battles.

Raids are a great way to meet other players in your area who share your passion for the game. You can team up with other players to take down raid bosses, share tips and strategies, and build friendships.

Participating in raids can also help you level up faster. You earn experience points for each raid you participate in, which can help you level up and unlock new features in the game.

Raids are a challenging and fun aspect of Pokemon Go gameplay. They require players to work together to take down powerful raid bosses, using strategy and careful timing to win the battle. There are different difficulty ratings for each raid with 1-Star raids being the easiest all the way up to 5-stars where you will certainly need the cooperation of other players in your area to defeat.

Overall, raiding is an important part of Pokemon Go that offers a variety of benefits, from catching rare Pokemon to meeting other players and earning rewards. So, make sure to participate in raids whenever you can, and enjoy the exciting and challenging gameplay they offer.


Typically, Gyms (especially in your team’s control) will provide you with more supplies than regular PokeStops. Additionally, it will provide you with more battle-oriented items including revives and potions making them a great source of supplies for players.

After spinning a gym disc, you may need to wait for a cooldown period before you can spin it again. The cooldown period for gym discs is longer than for PokeStops, so you may need to wait up to ten minutes before you can spin the gym disc again.


Gyms in Pokemon Go offer many features that can enhance the gameplay experience of players. These features include battling, raiding, defending, spinning the gym disc for items, placing a Pokemon at the gym, training to increase prestige, and remote battling. Using gyms in Pokemon Go is important because it allows players to catch rare and powerful Pokemon, earn rewards, meet other players, level up, and improve their skills. In summary, gyms in Pokemon Go provide a range of exciting gameplay opportunities that can help players to progress and enjoy the game so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

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