June 24, 2024

Pokemon Go Walker : Egg Hatcher Phone Rocker

Pokemon Go Walker : Egg Hatcher Phone Rocker

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Learn how to hatch Pokemon eggs faster and gain experience points with our Pokemon Go Walker! This device helps you hatch eggs without even leaving your house, and you can earn tons of XP without doing anything! By hatching all the eggs that you will be hatching, you also have the chance to discover new Pokemon and add them to your collection. Using the device is simple – simply put your phone in the Device and wait for your eggs to hatch!



Did you know that you can use our Pokemon Go Walker to help you hatch eggs faster? Or that you can hatch eggs without even moving or leaving your house.

Benefits of Hatching Pokemon Eggs Using Our Walker

Gain XP & Level Up Fast! (Pokemon Go Level Up Hack)

Hatching eggs also allows players to gain experience points (XP). The amount of XP awarded for hatching an egg varies depending on the distance required to hatch the egg. Players can earn anywhere from 200 to 2500 XP for hatching an egg, depending on the distance required. This is one of the best and most efficient ways and to level up fast!

2 km egg: 200 XP
5 km egg: 500 XP
7 km egg: 1000 XP
10 km egg: 2000 XP
12 km egg: 2500 XP

Now imagine that you can get these XP gains throughout the day even when you’re not actually playing!

Discover New Pokemon

One of the most obvious benefits of egg hatching is the ability to discover new Pokemon. Eggs can contain a variety of different Pokemon, some of which are rare and difficult to find in the wild. By hatching eggs, players have the opportunity to add new Pokemon to their collection and fill out their Pokedex. You may even hatch Perfect or Shiny Pokemon!

Hatching Pokemon from eggs will also give you a sizable amount of Candy as well as XL Candy!

Earn Candy Fast

You can also earn candy by walking with your Pokémon buddy. This is a great way to power up and evolve your favorite Pokémon. All the steps that our Walker will do for you will ensure that you earn plenty of candy to power up your favorite Pokemon.

Complete Walking Quests

Have quests that require you to walk a certain distance? Or have a Pokemon that needs you to adventure with it over a certain distance before it can evolve? Our Pokemon Go Walker has got you covered in making these quests an absolute breeze.

How To Use

It is very simple to use and the device works by swinging your phone back and forth to give the illusion that you’re taking steps on your pedometer.

Simply put your phone into the device, where your phone will be secured by the rubber band. Plug the walker into a USB port and watch as your eggs begin to hatch!

Be sure to enable Adventure Sync in your Pokemon Go settings to maximize the amount of steps your phone will record.

Tip: Enable Battery Saver Mode and turn your phone upside down before placing into the walker to conserve battery.

Make sure you have an egg in an incubator.

Now sit back and watch your eggs hatch and your XP begin to mount up.

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