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Spotlight Hour (March 14) – Mark Your Calendars for Rowlet’s Big Day in Pokemon Go

Spotlight Hour (March 14) – Mark Your Calendars for Rowlet’s Big Day in Pokemon Go

Are you ready for Rowlet Spotlight Hour?

Every Tuesday, for one hour, a specific Pokemon is featured and becomes more prevalent in the wild. This means that you’ll have a much better chance of catching that Pokemon during Spotlight Hour than at any other time.

This upcoming week’s Spotlight Hour will feature Rowlet. a Grass/Flying type Pokemon that made its debut in the Alola region. It’s known for its adorable round body, big eyes, and a leafy bowtie that adds to its charm.

Unfortunately, Rowlet’s shiny version will not debut now. We do have our fingers crossed that they will feature it in the near future.

When is the Rowlet Spotlight Hour?

The Rowlet Spotlight Hour will be available on March 14, 2023. As per usual, it will be on a Tuesday and from 6 PM – 7 PM local time.

Double XP Evolves

During this Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go, there will a special event that doubles the amount of XP you earn for evolving Pokemon. This means that if you have enough candy to evolve a Pokemon during the event, you’ll earn twice as much XP as you normally would.

For example, let’s say you have enough Rowlet Candy to evolve a Rowlet into a Dartrix during a Spotlight Hour with a double evolving XP event. Normally, you would earn 500 XP for evolving the Rowlet. However, during the event, you would earn 1,000 XP instead.

This can be a great opportunity to level up your trainer quickly and earn some valuable rewards. Plus, it can be a fun way to catch up on evolving some of the Pokemon you’ve been collecting.

This is also a great opportunity if you’ve saved up Trade Evolution Pokemon as they’re free to evolve (using no candy). This will net you a nice amount of XP so that you can hit 50 sooner!

Be sure to take advantage of it and evolve as many Pokemon as you can!

Rowlet’s Evolution

It takes 25 Rowlet Candy to evolve Rowlet into Dartrix, and then another 100 Rowlet Candy to evolve Dartrix into Decidueye in Pokemon Go. So in total, you’ll need 125 Rowlet Candy to fully evolve Rowlet into its final form. So be sure to use those Pinap Berries!

Rowlet evolves into Dartrix, a Grass/Flying type Pokemon with a more mature and serious look.

From there, Dartrix evolves into Decidueye, a Grass/Ghost type Pokemon with an imposing and regal appearance.

Decidueye has a high Attack stat and can learn some devastating moves like Razor Leaf, Astonish, and Shadow Sneak. Plus, let’s not forget that Decidueye is a pretty cool-looking Pokemon with a unique design that’s sure to turn heads. So if you’re a fan of this Grass/Ghost type and want to add it to your collection, be sure to mark the date – March 14, 2023 (6 PM – 7 PM local time).

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