Axew Community Day 2023 : Breaking Swipe is Broken!

Pokémon GO trainers around the world united on June 10, 2023, to participate in the highly anticipated Axew Community Day. As one of the most beloved Pokémon from the Unova region, Axew captured the hearts of trainers with its cute appearance and potential

Shadow Pokemon: Should You Purify and When You Certainly Shouldn’t in Pokemon Go

Let’s explore the process Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon GO and everything you need to know about purification.  What Are Shadow Pokemon? Ah, Shadow Pokemon! These Pokemon have been captured by Team GO Rocket and subjected to an unfortunate dark shroud. Under the influence

The 100% Catch-Rate Ball: Master Ball Unveiled in Pokemon GO

Here’s some exciting news in the Pokemon GO community as Niantic unveils a groundbreaking addition to the game: the legendary Master Ball. As a long-awaited item that has captured the imaginations of trainers worldwide, the Master Ball is set to revolutionize the way

Needle-in-a-Haystack: Chasing Kecleon through 100 Poké Stops in Pokemon Go!

I woke up this morning with a wild idea buzzing in my Pokémon GO-obsessed brain. Today was going to be the day! Armed with my trusty Ultra Balls, my spare battery pack and of course – My insatiable desire to find Kecleon. I

Leg’s Go Step 5 of 6 Unveiled: Master Ball Makes its Debut in Pokemon Go

The next part of the Let’s Go research task is now available in Pokemon Go! The Step 5 of 6 research task will also feature the introduction of the Master Ball which is an exciting and long awaited addition to the game. Let’s

Don’t Miss This Unique Chance to Catch Shiny Fennekin on Fennekin Community Day

When fennekin first made its debut in Pokemon Go, we were all excited to see this cute but fierce fire-type starter Pokemon. Now our favorite fiery feline, Fennekin, is back and ready to take the spotlight as the star of May 2023’s Community

My Love-Hate Relationship with Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go

How’s it going, fellow Pokemon Go player? Can I just say that I’m feeling a bit frustrated since the price increase on Remote Raid Passes a few weeks back. It’s definitely had an impact on my gameplay and I wanted to share with

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Let’s be real, Shiny Pokemon are one of the coolest things in Pokemon Go. I mean, who wouldn’t want a rare, uniquely colored Pokemon? These special Pokemon come in different hues, making them stand out from their regular counterparts. And most of all,

Pokemon Go Stardust: Everything You Need to Know About This Essential Resource

Introducing Pokemon Go Stardust : Whether you’re a casual or die-hard dedicated Pokémon Go player, you should already know the importance of Stardust. It’s the essential resource that powers up your Pokémon, allowing them to become stronger and more effective in battle. But