July 13, 2024
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The 100% Catch-Rate Ball: Master Ball Unveiled in Pokemon GO

The 100% Catch-Rate Ball: Master Ball Unveiled in Pokemon GO

Here’s some exciting news in the Pokemon GO community as Niantic unveils a groundbreaking addition to the game: the legendary Master Ball. As a long-awaited item that has captured the imaginations of trainers worldwide, the Master Ball is set to revolutionize the way we capture elusive and powerful Pokemon in the game. 

How To Get Master Ball in Pokemon Go

The introduction of the Master Ball comes with Step 5 of 6 for the Pokemon Go: Let’s Go Step 5 of 6 research task. The Master Ball will be rewarded to players for completing Step 5 of 6.

To learn more on how to complete the steps to get your own Master Ball, click here.

Unleashing the Power of the Master Ball

For years, trainers have traversed the real world, capturing Pokemon using a range of Poke Balls, each with varying levels of effectiveness. But the Master Ball, known for its unparalleled power and a 100% capture rate in the mainline Pokemon games, was conspicuously absent from Pokemon GO—until now.

With the introduction of the Master Ball, trainers can finally harness this legendary tool to capture Pokemon that have proven elusive or challenging to catch with regular Poke Balls or even Ultra Balls. This may include some unique Raid Bosses or even the Legendary Galarian Birds.  The Master Ball offers an unquestionable advantage, instilling trainers with the confidence in their quest to complete their Pokedex and capture the rarest and most elusive Pokemon.

Capturing Shiny & Rare Pokemon Made Easier

Shiny Legendary Pokemon have always been the pinnacle of challenges in Pokemon GO. Their rarity, immense power, and limited availability have made capturing them a truly heroic feat to gloat about. However, with the advent of the Master Ball, trainers will now have an increased chance of capturing these rare and shiny versions even if you’re down to your last ball post-Raid. This is also inclusive of the super rare Galarian Birds which have the tendency to run after breaking through your first ball thrown.

The Future of the Master Ball

With the debut of the Master Ball, players can anticipate thrilling encounters with legendary Pokemon, rare spawns, Shinies,  and exclusive raid battles. However, in the meantime we still do not know which direction Niantic will take after this teaser for our first Master Ball. Will we have to pay to obtain more Master Balls? Will this be a quest-only item? Or will this be the only Master Ball we will see in our inventory bags?

Strategic Considerations and Rarity

While the Master Ball offers a guaranteed capture rate, trainers must still employ strategic decision-making to make the most of this invaluable resource. Its rarity ensures that trainers must use it sparingly, reserving it for those legendary encounters that truly warrant the use of this rare ball. Trainers will need to evaluate the significance of each encounter, weighing the importance of capturing a specific Pokemon against the limited supply of Master Balls. Will it even be worth it for the Legendary Galarian Birds?

A New Chapter in Pokemon GO

The debut of the Master Ball marks an exciting new chapter in the evolving landscape of Pokemon GO. This iconic item, celebrated for its prowess in the mainline Pokemon games, will undoubtedly reshape the gameplay experience for trainers, injecting fresh excitement and a renewed sense of adventure.

With the Master Ball’s introduction, Niantic has showcased its commitment to continually enhancing the Pokemon GO experience, providing players with more opportunities to engage with their favorite franchise and explore the world of Pokemon around them.

The legendary Master Ball has finally found its way into the realm of Pokemon GO, introducing a new era of capturing rare and elusive Pokemon. Trainers can now dream big, knowing that even the most formidable creatures are within their reach. The Master Ball’s arrival has invigorated the community, transforming the game into a playground of possibilities. So, gear up, trainers, and embark on your quest to become the ultimate Pokemon master with the legendary power of the Master Ball at your fingertips!

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