February 23, 2024
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The Great Ball Dilemma: Why They Suck in Pokemon Go and You Should Delete Them

The Great Ball Dilemma: Why They Suck in Pokemon Go and You Should Delete Them

Are you tired of seeing Great Balls and having to delete them in Pokemon Go? Do you find yourself constantly having to clear them from your Item Bag and wondering why you even have them in the first place? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, many trainers have come to the conclusion that Great Balls are the worst type of ball in the game.

Effectiveness of Great Balls

First and foremost, Great Balls are simply not as effective as their higher-tier counterpart, the Ultra Ball. While Great Balls have a catch rate of 1.5x, the Ultra Ball boasts a catch rate of 2x, making it a much more reliable option for catching those elusive and rare Pokemon. Additionally, Ultra Balls become available to trainers at a relatively low level, making them easily accessible and a better investment in the long run.

Great Balls may work well for lower-level Pokemon, but as trainers encounter higher-level Pokemon, their catch rate becomes less reliable. Ultra Balls have a much higher catch rate and are more effective in catching these higher-level Pokemon. Trainers who want to catch rare or high-level Pokemon should rather use Ultra Balls rather than using Great Balls.

The Ease of Finding Ultra Balls

It is also fairly easy to get Ultra Balls, further making Ultra Balls the go-to for higher CP or rare Pokemon like shinies. If you already have the Ultra Balls, why would you even use the Great Balls?

One way to get Ultra Balls is by spinning Gym Discs. These are the spinning discs found at gyms and other landmarks on the game’s map. When a trainer spins a Gym Disc, they can receive various items, including Ultra Balls. It is recommended to spin as many Gym Discs as possible to increase your chances of obtaining Ultra Balls.

Another way to get Ultra Balls is by opening friend’s gifts. In Pokemon Go, trainers can add friends to their list and send each other gifts that contain various items, including Ultra Balls. The more friends you have, the more gifts you can open, and the higher your chances of obtaining Ultra Balls.

Can’t Use Great Balls with Pokemon Go Plus Devices (For Now)

But the problems with Great Balls don’t end there. Trainers who use the Pokemon Go Plus device may have noticed that the device only uses regular Poke Balls, meaning that Great Balls are completely useless in this context. This is a huge disadvantage for trainers who rely on the Pokemon Go Plus to catch Pokemon while on the go, as they are unable to use their Great Balls to increase their chances of catching higher-level Pokemon.

Great Balls Take Up Item Bag Space

Great Balls take Up valuable Item Bag Space. In Pokemon Go, trainers have a limited amount of space in their Item Bag. Carrying too many Great Balls can take up valuable space that could be used for other, more useful items like Max Potions or Pinap Berries. Trainers who regularly battle in gyms and raids may find themselves running out of space quickly and needing to delete items, and the first item you should delete are Great Balls.

While Great Balls may seem like a good option at first glance, they are ultimately the worst type of ball in Pokemon Go. With a lower catch rate than their higher-tier counterparts and the inability to use them with the Pokemon Go Plus device, it’s simply not worth the investment to use Great Balls over other, more reliable options. So, start deleting those Great Balls from now until they can at the very least be used with Pokemon Go Plus devices.

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