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The Sweet Life: An Overview of Berries in Pokemon Go

The Sweet Life: An Overview of Berries in Pokemon Go

In Pokémon Go, there are several types of berries that players can use to assist them in catching Pokémon. 

Here’s a the short version of the different types of berries and what they do:

Razz Berry: This berry makes it easier to catch Pokémon by slightly reducing their likelihood to flee and increasing the chance of a successful catch.

Pinap Berry: When used, this berry doubles the amount of candy earned when catching a Pokémon. It can be especially useful for catching rare or hard-to-find Pokémon.

Nanab Berry: This berry will make the Pokémon less likely to move around during the encounter, making it easier to aim and catch.

Silver Pinap Berry: This berry is a combination of the Razz Berry and the Pinap Berry, which slightly increasing the chances of catching the Pokemon as well as giving you double candy.

Golden Razz Berry: This is the most powerful type of berry, and it provides a significant increase in the catch rate of a Pokémon. It is especially useful for catching legendary or other rare Pokémon.

To use a berry, simply tap on the berry icon in the bottom right corner of the screen during a Pokémon encounter, and then select the desired berry. Each type of berry has its own unique effect, so choose the one that best fits your current situation and goals.

The Long Version

To help players in their quest, the game offers several types of berries that can be used to assist them in catching Pokémon. In this article, we will take a closer look at the different types of berries available in Pokémon Go, including Razz Berries, Pinap Berries, Nanab Berries, Silver Pinap Berries, and Golden Razz Berries, and what they do. We will explore the uses and benefits of each berry and provide tips on how to use them effectively to catch wild Pokémon.


Razz Berries can be used to make it easier to catch Pokémon. The main function of the Razz Berry is to slightly reduce the likelihood of a Pokémon fleeing and increase the chances of a successful catch. 

The effectiveness of the Razz Berry can be enhanced by using other items in combination, such as a higher quality Poké Ball or a Curve Ball, to further increase the chances of a successful catch. Additionally, using multiple Razz Berries in a row can increase the effectiveness of the berry, although it will not stack beyond a certain point.

Razz Berries are a useful item to have in your inventory in Pokemon Go. They can increase your chances of catching wild Pokemon, particularly those that are more difficult to catch. It’s a good idea to save your Razz Berries for encounters with rare or valuable Pokemon, as they can make the difference between catching or missing out on a rare find.

They are commonly found in PokeStops. Additionally, as players level up in the game, they may receive Razz Berries as a reward. Research tasks may also reward players with Razz Berries upon completion.

Pinap Berry

The primary use of the Pinap Berry in Pokemon Go is to increase the number of candies that a player can receive when catching a wild Pokemon. When a Pinap Berry is used and a player successfully catches a Pokemon, they will receive double the amount of candies that they would normally receive. This can be particularly useful for rare or hard-to-find Pokemon, as it can help players to quickly evolve and power up their Pokemon.

During Community Day events, specific Pokemon will spawn more frequently than usual, and using a Pinap Berry on them will result in a massive amount of candy. This can be a great way to stock up on candy for that particular Pokemon and evolve them quickly.

The most common way to get Pinap Berries is by spinning PokeStops and Gyms. These items are randomly dropped as one of the rewards along with other items. You can also receive Pinap Berries as a reward for completing certain Field Research tasks or as a reward for leveling up. 

Another way to obtain Pinap Berries is by participating in Raid Battles or by purchasing them from the in-game shop using Pokecoins. Additionally, during special events, Niantic may increase the chances of getting Pinap Berries from certain sources, making it easier for players to stock up on this valuable item.

Nanab Berry

The Nanab Berry is a type of berry in the mobile game Pokemon Go. When used, it can calm down and slow the movements of a wild Pokemon, making it easier to catch. The Nanab Berry is particularly useful when trying to catch Pokemon that move around a lot, such as Zubat or Pidgey. It is also especially useful on Shadow Pokemon (from defeating Team Go Rocket) as they are known to move around a lot, making them difficult to catch.

Once a Pokemon is fed a Nanab Berry, the Pokemon’s movements will become more predictable, making it easier to throw Pokeballs and catch the Pokemon. This also great for assisting you in making excellent throws.

One way to get Nanab Berries is by visiting Pokestops and gyms, just like the Pinap and Razzberries. Players can also receive Nanab Berries as a reward for completing research tasks.

Silver Pinap Berry

The Silver Pinap Berry serves a dual purpose in the game. Like the Pinap Berry, it increases the amount of candy obtained from catching a wild Pokemon. However, it also increases the catch rate of the Pokemon, making it easier to catch. This makes the Silver Pinap Berry a valuable resource for players who want to increase their candy collection while also ensuring they catch the Pokemon they want.

Unlike other types of berries in the game, the Silver Pinap Berry cannot be purchased in the in-game shop. Instead, it can only be obtained as a reward for completing certain tasks or by spinning Pokestops or gyms. Players can also receive Silver Pinap Berries as a reward for reaching certain levels or by participating in special events.

It is recommended to save the Silver Pinap Berries. Use them sparingly and only on rare, legendary or mythical Pokemon.

The Silver Pinap Berry is a highly coveted item in Pokemon Go due to its unique features and usefulness in increasing candy collection and improving catch rates. 

Golden Razz Berry

The Golden Razz Berry is a special berry with many uses. The Golden Razz Berry is the most powerful type of berry in the game, and it’s used primarily for catching rare and high-level Pokemon.

The Golden Razz Berry is used to increase the catch rate of a Pokemon. When you feed it to a Pokemon, it provides a 2.5x increase in catch rate, which is the highest boost possible in the game. This makes it an extremely useful item when trying to catch rare or high-level Pokemon.

Additionally, the Golden Razz Berry can also be used to fully restore a Pokemon’s motivation in a Gym. When you feed it to one of your own Pokemon, it will restore its motivation to 100% unlike regular berries. This is useful for defending a gym, as a Pokemon’s motivation decreases over time and as it loses battles against other Pokemon.

You can also use it to feed your buddy Pokemon to completely fill its “Give Your Buddy A Treat” bar rather than using 3 individual berries.

The Golden Razz Berry can only be obtained through a few methods. The most common way to obtain Golden Razz Berries is by completing raids. When you successfully complete a raid, you’ll be rewarded with a number of items, including Golden Razz Berries. You can also receive them from completing research tasks or as a reward from the game’s various events.

It is recommended to use your Golden Razz Berries on Raid Bosses, rare Pokemon, and for restoring Gym Defenders’ motivation. The Golden Razz Berry is an extremely valuable item in Pokemon Go. Its ability to increase the catch rate of rare and high-level Pokemon makes it an essential item for any serious player. Additionally, its ability to fully restore a Pokemon’s motivation in a gym makes it useful for defending gyms as well.

DO NOT Delete Berries

Have too many berries that are taking up your storage space? Feed them to friendly Pokemon in gyms. 

Berries can be used to feed Pokemon that are defending a gym that your team controls. Feeding friendly Pokemon berries will increase their motivation, making them more difficult to defeat. It will also give you some Stardust in return, which is a very valuable resource in the game.

Berries are important items in Pokemon Go that help players catch and evolve wild Pokemon. There are five types of berries, including Razz Berry, Pinap Berry, Nanab Berry, Silver Pinap Berry, and Golden Razz Berry, each with its unique effect. 

The Razz Berry reduces the chance of a Pokemon fleeing, Pinap Berry doubles the amount of candy earned, Nanab Berry calms down the movements of the Pokemon, Silver Pinap Berry increases both the candy and catch rate of the Pokemon, and Golden Razz Berry provides a significant increase in the catch rate of a rare or legendary Pokemon. 

These berries can be obtained from spinning PokeStops and Gyms, completing research tasks or by participating in Raid Battles. Players should use the most suitable berry for their current situation to increase their chances of catching Pokemon effectively.

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