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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Let’s be real, Shiny Pokemon are one of the coolest things in Pokemon Go. I mean, who wouldn’t want a rare, uniquely colored Pokemon? These special Pokemon come in different hues, making them stand out from their regular counterparts. And most of all, it’s a testament to our dedication and luck due to how hard they are to come by – which makes it all the more satisfying when you finally get one!

The moment you see that sparkly, colorful Pokemon pop up on your screen, your heart races with excitement. The hunt for shiny Pokemon has become a fun and addictive feature in the game. And once you catch one, you can bet your PokeCoins that you’ll be showing it off to all your friends.

Why Do I Care For Shinies?

So, what’s the appeal of shiny Pokemon? Well, they’re like the VIPs of the Pokemon world – exclusive and hard to find. Plus, some shiny Pokemon look absolutely stunning! Their unique colors and patterns make them look like they’re from a different dimension.

There are many reasons why people try to encounter shiny Pokemon. Some do it for bragging rights, to show off to their friends and fellow players. Others do it to complete their collection, as shiny Pokemon are considered a trophy among Pokemon Go players. There are even those who seek shiny Pokemon because of the unique color scheme, as some shiny Pokemon look vastly different from their regular versions.


One of the primary reasons people collect shiny Pokemon is their uniqueness. Shiny Pokemon have a different color scheme than their regular counterparts, which sets them apart from other Pokemon. Trainers who have a shiny Pokemon in their collection have something that’s truly one-of-a-kind, making their collection stand out from others.


Shiny Pokemon are rare. The odds of encountering a shiny Pokemon in the wild are generally around 1 in 450, meaning that the chance of encountering a shiny Pokemon is quite low. The rarity of shiny Pokemon has made them a status symbol for trainers, as catching one is seen as a great accomplishment.


Because shiny Pokemon are rare and unique, trainers who have them in their collection are often seen as more experienced or skilled. Shiny Pokemon can be a mark of prestige, as they show that the trainer has put in the time and effort to catch a rare and difficult-to-find Pokemon.


For some trainers, collecting shiny Pokemon is a challenge. It takes persistence and dedication to encounter and catch a shiny Pokemon, as the odds of finding one are quite low. For these trainers, catching shiny Pokemon is a way to prove their skills and determination.

Personal Preference

Finally, some trainers simply prefer the look of shiny Pokemon. The alternate color schemes and unique designs of shiny Pokemon can be visually appealing to some trainers, making them desirable additions to their collections.

Some Of The Coolest Shiny Pokemon


Shiny Charizard has a black body with red wings and a blue flame, making it stand out from its regular orange and red color scheme.


Shiny Gyarados is red in color, which is a stark contrast to its regular blue color. Its intimidating appearance is perfect for battles.


Shiny Dragonite has a bright green color instead of its usual orange, making it look like a dragon from a different world.


Shiny Absol is a stunning addition to Pokemon Go with its unique rose gold coloration. The striking shade of pinkish-gold is beautifully contrasted with Absol’s white fur, giving it a regal and elegant appearance.


Shiny Rayquaza has a black and gold color scheme, making it look even more like a legendary Pokemon.


Shiny Politoed is a standout among shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Its pastel pink and blue color scheme is reminiscent of cotton candy, making it a uniquely sweet addition to any trainer’s collection. 

Tapu Koko

The black combined with the bright pink makes it a striking and highly sought-after shiny Pokemon. The shiny version adds a unique touch to an already unique looking Pokemon.


Spinda typically has red spots, but it’s Shiny edition has green spots making an already rare Pokemon even rarer and more unique.

These are just a few examples of the many shiny Pokemon available in Pokemon Go. The hunt for shiny Pokemon is never-ending, as new shiny versions are introduced with every new update. It adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the game, keeping players like you and I engaged and entertained.

How To Get More Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon are some of the most coveted creatures in Pokemon Go, and for good reason. Their unique coloration and rarity make them highly sought-after by trainers and collectors alike. While encountering a shiny Pokemon is often a matter of luck, there are several things you can do to increase your chances. Here are some tips for increasing your chances of encountering shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Participate in Community Day Events

Community Day events are a great way to increase your chances of encountering shiny Pokemon. During these events, a specific Pokemon will be featured and will appear in higher numbers than usual. Additionally, the shiny rate for that specific Pokemon is significantly increased, making it much more likely that you’ll encounter a shiny version of the featured Pokemon.

Take Advantage of Spotlight Hours

Similar to Community Day events, Spotlight Hours are a weekly event that feature a specific Pokemon for one hour. During this time, the featured Pokemon will appear in high numbers, and the shiny rate will also be increased. This is a great opportunity to hunt for shiny Pokemon, especially if you’re short on time.

Use Incense

Using Incense is a great way to increase the number of Pokemon that spawn around you. While the chances of encountering a shiny Pokemon through Incense are still relatively low, it’s a great way to increase your overall chances of encountering Pokemon in general.

Go to Places with High Density of Pokestops

Areas with high densities of Pokestops tend to have more Pokemon spawns, which means more opportunities to encounter shiny Pokemon. Additionally, areas with lots of Pokestops often have higher chances of spawning rare Pokemon, including shiny Pokemon.

Hunt During Events

Events, such as the change of season or certain holidays, often have increased shiny rates for specific Pokemon. During these events, keep an eye out for the increased spawns and shiny versions of these Pokemon.

Show Off Your Shinies

If you’ve managed to catch some shiny Pokemon, you may be wondering how you can show off your rare and unique catches to others. Luckily, there are several ways to showcase your shiny Pokemon in the game.

Set them as your Buddy Pokemon

One way to show off your shiny Pokemon is to set them as your Buddy Pokemon. When you do this, your shiny Pokemon will walk alongside you on the map, giving you a truly unique experience in-game. Your friends list will also be able to see your cool shiny Pokemon as they send you gifts every day.

Use them in battles

Using your shiny Pokemon in battles is another way to showcase them. Whether it’s in Go Battle League or in raids, using a shiny Pokemon can catch the attention of other trainers and show them that you have a rare and unique Pokemon on your team. 

Gym Defender

Having a Shiny Pokemon defend a gym for you is a great way to showcase your unique shinies and one of my personal favorites. Seeing a rare and unique Pokemon like a shiny Pokemon defending a gym can be an impressive sight for other trainers as local gyms will get many sets of eyes on them.

Display them in your collection

Your Pokemon collection is a great place to showcase your shiny Pokemon. When you open your collection, your shiny Pokemon will appear with a special icon to indicate their rarity. You can also sort your collection by shininess to see all of your rare catches in one place. This is the perfect way to show off to friends all the shinies you’ve collected.

Simply type in “shiny” in your search bar to filter all the shinies you have collected.

Show them off on social media

If you want to show off your shiny Pokemon to a wider audience, social media is a great platform to do so. You can take screenshots or record videos of your shiny Pokemon in action and share them on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platforms. You can also join online communities dedicated to sharing and discussing shiny Pokemon, where you can show off your collection and see what others have caught.

Shiny Pokemon is one of the coolest features in Pokemon Go. The rarity and uniqueness of these alternate color scheme Pokemon make them highly sought-after among players. Whether it’s for collection purposes, battling, or simply because of their cool appearance, shiny Pokemon will continue to be a popular feature in Pokemon Go.

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