June 24, 2024
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The Ultimate Pokemon Go Community Day Checklist: Don’t Leave Home Without It

The Ultimate Pokemon Go Community Day Checklist: Don’t Leave Home Without It

Pokemon Go’s Community Day, where players come together to catch rare and exclusive Pokemon, enjoy special bonuses, and participate in unique challenges. With the right strategy and preparation, you can make the most of these events and have a blast with other players. Here are some tips and tricks on how to survive and thrive during Community Day.

Mark Your Calendar and Plan Ahead

The first step to a successful Community Day is to mark your calendar and plan ahead. Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, announces the date and time of each Community Day in advance, so make sure you check with us, in-game, the official website or social media channels for the latest updates. Once you know when the event will take place, plan your schedule accordingly.

Choose Somewhere Busy

Choose a location that has a high concentration of PokeStops and gyms, and make sure you have enough time to participate in the event without rushing. Remember to check the weather and dress accordingly!

Stock Up on Supplies

Community Day is all about catching as many Pokemon as possible, and you don’t want to run out of Pokeballs or other essential items. Before the event, make sure you stock up on supplies such as Pokeballs, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Razz Berries, and Pinap Berries. You can get these items from PokeStops, but it’s a good idea to have a backup plan in case you can’t find enough of them during the event.

Use Incense and Lure Modules

During Community Day, you’ll have a higher chance of encountering the featured Pokemon, but you can increase your chances even more by using Incense and Lure Modules. Incense attracts Pokemon to your location for 3 hours on Community days. Make sure you use these items strategically to maximize your catch rate.

Hunt for Shinies

One of the most exciting aspects of Community Day events in Pokemon Go is the increased chance of finding shiny Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are incredibly rare versions of regular Pokemon that have different color palettes and are highly sought after by collectors and trainers alike. During Community Day events, certain Pokemon have a boosted shiny rate, making it easier to find them than on a regular day.

Join a Group or Create Your Own

Community Day is a social event, and it’s much more fun to participate with other players. You can join a local Pokemon Go group on Facebook or other social media platforms, or you can create your own group and invite your friends to join. Playing with a group allows you to share tips and strategies, trade Pokemon, and have friendly competitions. Plus, you’ll feel safer and more comfortable when you’re with a group of like-minded players.

Trade with Other Trainers

Community Day events are also a great time to trade Pokemon with other trainers. You can trade duplicates or low-IV Pokemon with friends or strangers to try to get lucky trades, which have a higher chance of giving you a rare or powerful Pokemon. Trading with others can also help you complete your Pokedex or earn extra candy for rare Pokemon.

Bring a Portable Charger

Community day events typically last for several hours, which means your phone battery will be put to the test. Bringing a portable charger can help ensure that you don’t miss out on any rare catches or opportunities due to a dead battery.

Take Breaks and Stay Hydrated

Community Day can be intense, and you don’t want to get burned out or dehydrated. Make sure you take breaks to rest your eyes and stretch your legs. Bring a water bottle and some snacks to keep you energized during the event. If the weather is hot or humid, wear comfortable clothes and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Evolving Featured Pokemon

During the Community Day, prioritize catching as many of the featured Pokemon as possible, and then focus on evolving the ones you want with the exclusive move. Keep an eye on the timer for the event, as you’ll want to make sure you have enough time to evolve all of the Pokemon you want before the event ends.

Catch As Much As You Can

You should also work on your throwing skills, aiming for Excellent throws to increase your chances of catching each Pokemon. You can also use the quick catch method. Finally, consider using a Pokemon Go Plus or Gotcha device to catch Pokemon automatically, freeing up your hands to do other things during the event. Using Stardust and Lucky Eggs can double your rewards as well.

Participate in Exclusive Challenges

Each Community Day comes with its own set of exclusive challenges, which offer unique rewards and bragging rights. Make sure you participate in these challenges and try to complete them as fast as possible. You can also team up with other players to complete the challenges together, which is a

Take Advantage of Exclusive Bonuses

Community day events come with unique in-game bonuses, such as increased spawn rates or special moves for featured Pokemon. Make sure to take advantage of these bonuses by catching as many Pokemon as possible during the event, using berries and other items to increase your chances of catching them. If there’s a special move that you want your featured Pokemon to have, make sure to evolve it during the event to ensure it learns the move.

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