June 24, 2024
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Time to Gear Up for a Massive Takeover by Team Go Rocket in Pokémon Go

Time to Gear Up for a Massive Takeover by Team Go Rocket in Pokémon Go

Attention, Pokemon Go trainers! It’s time to gear up for a massive takeover by the notorious Team Go Rocket. These villains are on a mission to conquer the world of Pokemon, and they won’t stop until they’ve achieved their goal. With their powerful Shadow Pokemon and ruthless tactics, they’ve become a formidable force in the game.

The takeover has already begun, with Team Go Rocket grunts popping up at PokeStops all around the world. These grunts are the foot soldiers of Team Go Rocket, and they’re always on the lookout for a good battle. They’re eager to show off their Shadow Pokemon and prove their worth to their bosses.

This event will end on March 29th, so be sure to take full advantage of it!

Shadow Pokemon Can Forget Frustration

One of the most exciting aspects of the Team Go Rocket takeover event in Pokémon Go is the opportunity to teach your Shadow Pokémon new charged attacks, replacing the useless Frustration move. Previously, Frustration could not be removed from Shadow Pokémon, which made them weaker and less useful in battles.

With this event, trainers have the chance to replace Frustration with a more powerful charged attack, increasing the Shadow Pokémon’s strength in battles. To do this, trainers must first use a Charged TM on the Shadow Pokémon to unlock the option to replace Frustration.

Once Frustration has been replaced, Shadow Pokémon can now use their full potential, making them a force to be reckoned with. Trainers can now take advantage of the Shadow Pokémon’s boosted stats, while also using more powerful charged attacks, giving them an edge in battles.

More Team Go Rocket Appearances

With this increase in Team Go Rocket grunts appearing in the wild, you’ll have more chances to battle them and add their shadow Pokemon to your collection. Not only that, but Team Go Rocket has also brought back their hot air balloons, making it even easier to spot them and challenge their grunts. This means that you’ll have more opportunities to battle them and catch their shadow Pokemon.

The event also features a variety of research tasks and rewards that will help you on your journey to take down Team Go Rocket. There is even a special encounter with Giovanni and a Shadow Regice!

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