February 23, 2024
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Wow! 2X Catch Candy Boost in Pokemon Go Event

Wow! 2X Catch Candy Boost in Pokemon Go Event

The Valorous Hero event has been one of the most popular events in Pokemon Go. This event has been well-received by players, and for good reason (and not only because I’m part of the Red Team myself). 

There are loads of reasons why this event is such a fan-favorite, but two big ones are the sweet 2X catch candy boost and the wild 2X chance to get XL candy from catching Pokemon.

2X Candy from Catching Pokemon

For starters, the 2X catch candy has been a huge hit with players. Catching Pokemon is one of the core aspects of Pokemon Go, and catching more Pokemon means more candy. This is especially useful for trainers who want to evolve their Pokemon or power them up to take on more challenging raids. 

With the 2X catch candy bonus, trainers can catch twice as many Pokemon as they normally would and receive twice as much candy, making it easier to level up their Pokemon and increase their combat power.

Double Chance to Get XL Candy

Additionally, the 2X chance to get XL candy from catching Pokemon has been a significant boon for players. XL candy is a rare resource that is necessary for powering up a Pokemon beyond level 40. This means that players who want to push their Pokemon to their full potential will need XL candy. 

The Valorous Hero event makes obtaining XL candy easier by doubling the chance of getting it from catching Pokemon. This provides trainers with an excellent opportunity to gather XL candy and level up their strongest Pokemon to even higher levels.

How To Maximize The Double Candy Event

If you’re looking to maximize your 2X catch candy during the Valorous Hero event, here are some tips to help you make the most of this sweet bonus:

Use Incense

Using Incense will increase the number of Pokemon that spawn around you, giving you more opportunities to catch Pokemon and earn candy. This is especially helpful if you’re not near a PokeStop or gym.

Use Lures

Similarly, Lures can be used to attract even more Pokemon to a PokeStop or gym. This will increase your chances of catching Pokemon and getting candy.

Catch All Evolved Pokemon

Some Pokemon give more candy than others when caught and that includes Evolved Pokemon. They will sometimes give you 5 candy, and with the double candy event would mean 10 candies!

Pinap Berries

Pinap Berries can be used to double the amount of candy you receive from catching a Pokemon. This means that instead of getting three candy for catching a Magikarp, you’ll get six if you use a Pinap Berry.

So, there you have it! The Valorous Hero event is an excellent opportunity to gather candy and XL candy in Pokemon Go. With the 2X catch candy boost and the 2X chance to get XL candy from catching Pokemon, trainers can level up their Pokemon faster than ever before. And if you want to maximize your candy during the event, be sure to use Incense, Lures, catch evolved Pokemon, and use Pinap Berries to double your candy rewards. So get out there, catch ’em all, and level up your strongest Pokemon to their fullest potential!

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